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Ice Cream Machine

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Now you can make healthy ice cream & frozen desserts at home in minutes!

Having a treat doesn’t have to be unhealthy. Having your own ice cream maker at home means you can select assorted healthy ingredients to make healthy desserts you can enjoy without feeling guilty! 

Ice Cream Machine is ideal for making delicious Vegan ice cream, Keto ice cream as well as making Sherbet, Sorbet, Gelato and Frozen Yogurt just to name a few different ways you can use the ice cream machine.

4 simple steps on how to use the ice cream maker:

  1. Make sure you place the bowl in the freezer for 8 hours or until the liquid inside the liner of the bowl is frozen.
  2. Pour your ingredients into the bowl.
  3. Put the lid on & switch the ice cream maker on. 
  4. Leave it on to churn for 15 - 25 mins then your ice cream is ready to enjoy!


1) Healthy Ice Cream
Peach Ice Cream

Commercial ice creams contain sugar, preservatives, artificial colours & flavours which are unhealthy. When making your own ice cream, you get to choose fresh ingredients that are naturally full of flavour so your ice cream tastes even better than store-bought ice-cream & it’s healthy treat your family can enjoy.

2)  Choose Your Own Ingredients
Mint Ice Cream

By choosing your own ingredients to make homemade ice cream can benefit family members who have allergies to certain ingredients or for people who are trying to lose weight by avoiding sugar. Having an ice cream machine at home ensures that you have a peace of mind what ingredients are added in the ice cream that is allergy & sugar-free so your family member with allergies can enjoy a treat too!

3) Variety of Flavours
Vanilla Ice Cream

Skys the limit - use your imagination to create a variety of flavours!
Add assorted condiments such as dried or frozen fruit, crushed nuts (for those with no allergies), lemon zest, popcorn, coffee, peanut butter just to name a few! You can invent a number of flavours of your choice and surprise your family members on different occasions. They’ll be coming back for more!

4) Save on Cost
When you prepare ice cream at home, you pay only for the ingredients you use which means on comparing store-bought ice creams and frozen desserts, you save a considerable amount of money in the long run.
Ice Cream Machine - Pink
Power: 7W
Capacity: 600 ml
Weight: 1.5KG


Ice Cream Machine is easy to clean. Follow these steps….
1. Turn off the power or unplug it during cleaning to ensure the safety of the motor (and your own safety!).
2. Do not use scouring sponges or chemical solvents to wipe, otherwise, the scratched surface will affect the freezing effect. Use a soft cloth to wipe it.
3. Do not use more than 60 degrees of hot water.
4. Do not immerse the motor parts in water to avoid damage to the motor. Wipe it with a soft clean cloth.
5. After cleaning the machine, place the bowl back in the freezer & put the motor in the box and store it in a dry and ventilated place to protect it from moisture.
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