How To Easily Slice An Avocado In No Time!


Have you ever tried slicing an avocado and removing the seed only to make a mess of your fruit? What about those stubborn avocado seeds that are hard to remove without ruining your avocado. I’ve cut myself yourself using a knife to remove the seed and I’m sure I’m not the only one! We love avocados with chicken and in salads but I can count many times that I’ve served uneven slices of avocado that was time-consuming to prepare until I bought this 3-in-1 avocado slicer. So easy to use & I wouldn’t be without one! 

Some Fun Facts about avocados:
Avocado slicer

    Eating an avocado a day is good for your health.
    Avocados have the highest fiber content of any fruit.
    Avocados have a creamy, velvety texture and mild flavor.
    Avocados can be used in a wide variety of sweet & savory recipes.
    Avocados are high in vitamins, minerals, good fats & antioxidants.
    Did you know that avocados contain just 6g of total fat in a quarter of an avocado? That's around the same amount of fat as in a teaspoon of cooking oil. 

    How to pick a ripe avocadoAvocado
    Hold an avocado & apply gentle pressure. Avocados should feel slightly soft when they are ripe & ready to eat. If they’re too soft, they’re overripe or rotten. I’d avoid overripe avocados as they taste bitter and mushy!

    If the avocado is firm but you’re not ready to eat them straight away, leave them at room temperature for up to a week. Check them daily to see if they have ripened.
    A firm avocado will ripen in a paper bag over a couple of days or by putting them next to a banana in the fruit bowl.

    How to store cut avocados
    Avocados should not be put in the fridge until they are ripe or have been cut. If you have a half avocado & you’d like to save it for the next day, squeeze some lemon juice or lime juice on the flesh to delay the browning process. If you don’t have lemon juice, I’ve tried it with drizzling a little olive oil on the flesh of the avocado. Store the cut or half avocado in an airtight container & keep it in the refrigerator for no more than 3 days.

    Here's how to easy it is to use the avocado slicer...


    The multi-functional avocado slicer can be used to peel & cut all types of fruit, e.g. papaya, kiwi fruit, mango, and peaches.

    So if you would love to get one of these easy to use avocado slicers to save you time prepping your delicious fruit, order yours today!

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